Choosing & Editing Templates Lecture 4 | 5

Choosing & Editing Templates Lecture 4 | 5

Editing Admin Template & Blog Template for using in Tutorials

Lecture 04 Video :

I was thinking what kind of site I should develop in this .NET 6 series, So the idea came into my mind developing a blogging site with all of its basic features could be a best point to learn .NET 6.

Whenever you start developing a site you have two point to start you can chose anyone

Develop the complete front end of the site from the scratch with HTML, CSS and JS and use some kind of framework like bootstrap etc.

The second choice is download the free available templates and modify the templates according to your needs.

We will go with the second choice because the aim of this series is to teach you how to use .NET 6 with MVC to build a site. . . .developing a complete front end by writing custom code will be the waste of time.

Every website contains at least two panels one is user panel and the other one is Admin panel.

User panel is the one which a user see and interact with when He/She visits the site where as the admin panel is the one which admin of the site use to upload contents of the site.

In this lecture we will see how we can get the template of the admin panel and how we can modify it according to our needs.

In the next lecture we will be modifying the User panel of our blog site according to our needs.

I Will provide you the modified version of the panels to download and use so you can focus on the series in case if you are not interested in modifying the templates by yourself but I will recommend you to modify the templates by yourself so you can have more grip over the template structure.

Editing Blog Template - Lecture 5

I downloaded the blog template from this link

W3.CSS Templates

To Add the Navigation bar on top of the blog template I used this link

Navbar · Bootstrap v5.1 (

To Embed twitter timeline into your blog simply google how to embed twitter timeline into your blog and follow the top answers that is not a big deal.

Link of our Official Facebook page is given under the description of the video tutorials you can download the template from there.