Importance of Data Structures

Importance of Data Structures

Why we need data structures in Computer Science

Need of Data structures: • The applications are becoming complex day by day.

• The amount of data is increasing every other day. These complexities and increasing amount of data impact the speed, efficiency and overall performance.

• This is where the data structures help in computer science. When you organize the data mathematically, logically it increases the speed and efficiency of complex applications which have large amount of data.

For example: You have a list of 600 names which are not arrange in any manner. On the other hand, you have a list of 600 names which are arranged in alphabetical order. Now tell me, in which list it will be easy and less time taking to find a name “Hammad Maqbool”. If your answer is in the second list so now you know the importance of DS.

• Data structure is the basic building block of any programming language.

• With the knowledge of DS you can become an efficient programmer who can write the complex program efficiently.