Introduction to .NET World | Lecture 1

Introduction to .NET World | Lecture 1

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What is a Framework?

A framework is a structure which serves as foundation for building a product, This foundation provides you prebuilt basic functionalities to build a product so you don't need start from the scratch.

.NET Framework :

.NET is a framework developed by Microsoft and use to develop the Software, Web application using Programming languages like C#, VB.

We mention word .NET in front of all the languages which work on the .NET platform like C#.NET and VB.NET .

Version Details of .NET Framework

First Version of .NET Framework i.e. 1.0 was launched by Microsoft in 2002.


List of Supported and out of Support aversions

Download .NET Framework | Free official downloads (

Launch of .NET Core:

Things in It change fast. Launch of .NET Core redefine the .NET Core world.

What is .NET Core?

This is the new version of .NET Framework which is advance, fast and provide support on multiple platforms - The most beautiful thing about this version is it is open source.

They redesign this complete framework from the scratch and to make it light and super fast they only added core features in it (may be that is why it use core with name) other than core features you can add the required feature using Nuget Package Manager System.

.NET Core Version History

.NET Core 12016
.NET Core 220172.1 is LTS
.NET Core 320193.1 is LTS
.NET 52020
.NET 62021LTS

Why Name Changed from .NET Core to .NET after 2019 as shown in table above?

Well two parallel technologies were working in this world since 2016 .NET Core and .NET Framework so they simply merged them in to .NET 5 and now the upcoming versions are .NET 6 and so on.

The Lady in the link below beautifully answer the Difference of .NET Core, .NET 5 and .NET Framework.

What is the difference between .NET Core, .NET 5 and .NET Framework? | Microsoft Docs

Complete Support policy for the .NET World is Given in the link below

.NET and .NET Core official support policy (

Tools use for Development in .NET world :

We use mostly Visual studio to work on the .NET based programming languages.

We can use any database system but we prefer MS Sql Server which was developed by Microsoft as well.