.NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) - One Code, Many Platforms

.NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) - One Code, Many Platforms

You can build whatever you want when you or under the umbrella of .NET, This is one of the main reason developers chose this platform and companies adopt it for their IT Solutions.

Devices use multiple platforms Android and ios for mobiles, Windows and macOS for computers to address all of these platforms with one codebase Microsoft Introduced a UI framework called MAUI or .NET MAUI as it works on .NET Platform.

What is MAUI ?

For hose who are aware of Xamarin it is the evolution of 7 Year old Xamarin, Xamarin was providing the solutions for the mobile devices but the MAUI is embracing the Desktop platform as well due to which it got the name of multi-platform App UI. It saves you from the effort of choosing different development platform for different devices with the ability to share common UI with one codebase across different devices.

Development Experience :

MAUI aims to increase the productivity level of the developers by simplifying the project structure into the single project. One can easily deploy the app into the desktop, emulator, simulator or on any physical device with one click. As these projects are cross platform supported you can add images, fonts and other resources of your choice on a common place in project and all the targeted framework can use those resources.

.NET MAUI app Patterns:

This platform will be using XAML and C#.NET as programming language, and provide the support for following patterns:


Model-View-ViewModel architectural pattern was invented by an architect of Microsoft which seprate the development of graphical user-interface GUI (view) from the business logic (model) and its third component ViewModel is responsible for exposing the data from model to view and taking it back from view to model in their required formats.


It will also promotes the support of Model-View-Update pattern which provides the one-way flow of data and state management facility.

Migrating from Xamarin to .NET MAUI :

Those who are already working on Xamarin and want to switch on .NET MAUI no need to worry as Microsoft is already providing support to them on their official developers platforms.

Future of Xamarin.Forms:

With .NET 6 Microsoft has released the final version of Xamarin.Forms and they promised its service for a year after shipping and want developers to switch towards the modern work i.e .NET MAUI.