Operations on Data Structures

Operations on Data Structures

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Hammad Maqbool
·Jan 2, 2022·

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Operations on Data structures:

1. Insertion: This operation allow you to add elements into the data structure at any location.

2. Deletion: The process of removing elements from the data structure is called deletion.

3. Searching: This process allow you to find element in same data structure.

4. Traversing: A data structure contains different elements, visiting all the elements one by one in the data structure is called traversing.

5. Sorting: Process of arranging the data in some specific order in data structure is called sorting.

6. Merging: The process of merging two data structure of the same type to create the third one is called merging.

By now I assume you have all the introducing knowledge of data structures. Now we will deep dive into the data structures. We will start from the arrays.

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