Tools installation guide for .NET 6 Course | Lecture 3

Tools installation guide for .NET 6 Course | Lecture 3

Video Tutorial on the Topic:

In this course we will move towards practical in the upcoming lectures and for that we need some tools.

Don’t worry all the tools are free of cost and I will guide you in this lecture from where you can download and how you can install the tools.

I will give you the links as well just follow the instructions

Download Visual Studio Code:

I am not sure If I am going to use the Visual studio code in this serries or not but still I think it is important free of cost tool to Edit some HTML and CSS files so being a developer you should have this tool installed in your PC or you can download and install it when needed I am going to share the link here.

Download Visual Studio Tools - Install Free for Windows, Mac, Linux (

Download Visual Studio & Install:

Visual Studio is the main and the most important tool for this course - Different versions of the visual studio are available on the official website but We will be using the Community Version (Free one) in this course.

Yes Installation of the Visual Studio is a tricky part but don’t worry here is the link where all the steps of Visual Studio Installation are given by themselves

Install Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs

NOTE: You may notice minor difference in the installation guide and actual installation.

Download and Install MS-SQL Server & Management Studio :

These are the tools which we will be using for making the databases and managing the databases.

MS - SQL Server :

Two free versions of MS Sql Servers are available on their official site, With some difference in Features first one is Developer version and the other one is Express version. For us Express version would be more than enough which we can download from the following link:

SQL Server Downloads | Microsoft

Here is the link to complete guide for installation of the MS Sql Server

Install SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition on Windows Server 2019 | ComputingForGeeks

SSMS - SQL Server Management Studio:

This is the tool which is used to manage any kind of SQL infrastructure.

Here is the download link for the SSMS

Download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) - SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) | Microsoft Docs

The installation method is almost same as the SQL Server installation method - for minor difference of confusion you may google the solutions.